Many of you have been asking – will we have a Walk for Life this year?

The answer – YES!

There has never been a more critical time to make a public witness of peaceful affirmation to the sanctity of human life. The Walk for Life West Coast has always been a lamp set on a mountaintop for the entire world to see and we will shine our light into the darkness.

Despite the lockdown of the last 7 months, the City of San Francisco allowed people to exercise their First Amendment rights, and we will too…because Babies Lives Matters!

Our speakers will include the great Reverend Clenard Childress of, whose soaring oratory has inspired you for so many years, and, as always, you are guaranteed a great Walk for Life West Coast surprise!

To help us to plan properly in this unique time, we ask for your help. Please let us know, if you, your family or you group plan to join us. You can do this on our easy-to-use google form, here. Please forward this link to everyone on your lists and tell them the Walk is on and ask them to let us know if they’re coming. Thank you very much!

It is a great time to be alive!
It’s a great time to share the message of peace and love!

And on January 23, 2021 it is a great time to Walk for the littlest among us at the 17th Annual Walk for Life West Coast!