Look who’s Coming to #walkforlifewc: Life Runner from FIJI!

Posted on Jan 20, 2018 in 2018 Walk for Life, Blog, International Press, LIFE Runners, Press Coverage

Our friend Dexter Duggan at the Wanderer profiled this lady last year as the person who probably travels the farthest to the Walk for Life West Coast: 5000 miles! She’s Karen Patnaude, a Life Runner from Fiji, and a San Francisco lady just informed us that, once again, Karen, and the Life Runners, will be joining us at the Walk for Life West Coast. We expect about 8-10 Life Runners including Pat Castle, the organizations founder. Then the...

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This Life Runner came 5000 miles to Walk for Life!

Posted on Jan 28, 2017 in 2017 Walk for Life, Blog, LIFE Runners, Praise God

What a great Walk for Life West Coast story! We just learned about this lady from reading Dexter Duggan’s article (see previous post) in The Wanderer: Run For Life The person who may have traveled the farthest for the Walk for Life was Karen Patnaude, from the Republic of Fiji, in the South Pacific Ocean, an American whose husband works there for an airline. Patnaude, a member of the international LIFE Runners organization...

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The Wanderer covers Walk for Life West Coast

Posted on Jan 28, 2017 in 2017 Speakers, 2017 Walk for Life, Blog, LIFE Runners, Media Bias, Opposition to Walk for Life, Press Coverage

Interesting observations from Dexter Duggan, from a long article in The Wanderer. “In what amounted to strange symbolism, fierce foes of Donald Trump virtually invited the public to tread upon and thereby dirty their posters that proclaimed derision of traditional morality. Here’s how that came about. Coincidentally in 2017, the West’s largest annual pro-life march occurred immediately before, and in the very same location of, the local...

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Great News! Father Malloy 5K Run Before Walk for Life 2015!

Posted on Dec 6, 2014 in 2015 Additional Events, 2015 Walk for Life, Blog, Fr. Malloy 5K Run, LIFE Runners

Before you WALK for Life…RUN for Life! Fr. John Malloy 5K for Life in SF’s Golden Gate Park On January 24, 2015 the Walk for Life West Coast will be preceded by the Father John Malloy 5K Run for Life. The Run for Life, which honors the Late Fr. John Malloy, SDB, the founding chaplain of the Walk for Life West Coast and first winner of the Walk’s St. Gianna Molla award for pro-life heroism, is a joint production of the Walk for Life West Coast...

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