‘Hundreds of young adults from around the San Joaquin Valley’ #righttolifeCa #walkforlifewc

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Tania Gonzalez has the story at Right to Life of Central California Thousands March for Life in San Francisco’s West Coast Walk for Life  Tens of thousands of people from all backgrounds, ages, and religious backgrounds gathered together in San Francisco this past Saturday (Jan 27.) to stand for the sanctity of human life at the 2018 West Coast Walk for Life. Together they marched, chanting and singing in unity to the sound of drums and...

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‘We know that pro-life means pro-love and it means pro-women’ @GonzagaSFL at #walkforlifewc

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Bless the Pro-Life Generation! Students for Life of Gonzaga University came all the way from Spokjane, WA to the Walk for Life West Coast. They were profiled in the Gonzaga Bulletin. GU Students for Life visit San Francisco for Walk for Life West Coast Amy Bruza | Contributor Last month, Gonzaga’s Students for Life club participated in the 14th annual Walk for Life West Coast and the Students for Life of America West Coast Conference in San...

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“You have to be relentless” The Wanderer at Students For Life Conference

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The Wanderer’s Dexter Duggan was at the Students for Life of America West Coast Conference on January 28, the day after the Walk for Life West Coast: San Francisco Student Meet Told . . . Pro-Lifers “Have The Momentum. We’re Winning.” Shortly after pro-life students convened here for talks about pro-life momentum in society, pop singer Joy Villa appeared on the red carpet for the Grammys music awards in New York wearing a white gown with...

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Stop Campus Abortions! #ruserious #walkforlifewc

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  The great young people at Students for Life of America are taking the lead against California Senate Bill 320 that would turn public college campuses into franchises of the abortion industry. From their website, https://www.nocampusabortions.com/ “Senate Bill 320 in California would mandate taxpayer-funded colleges provide access to abortion services. Beginning next year, all campuses will be forced to distribute abortion services or...

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