“Planned Parenthood” está gastando 45 millones de dólares. Puede usted pasar una tarde en la Caminata por la Vida de la Costa Oeste?

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“Planned Parenthood” anunció la semana pasada que van a lanzar su campaña electoral más grande que nunca, y por eso que van a gastar 45 millones de dólares para elegir candidatos a favor de la aborto. “Planned Parenthood está determinado en arruinar recientes victorias del movimiento pro-vida e por eso se concentrará en estados donde las elecciones serán muy competitivas. No podemos dejar que esto ocurra!  La fundadora de la Caminata, Eva...

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Planned Parenthood is Spending $45 Million. Can YOU Spend an Afternoon?

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Planned Parenthood announced last week that they will be launching their biggest electoral campaign ever, as they are set to spend 45 million dollars to elect pro-abortion candidates. Focusing on various battleground states, Planned Parenthood is determined to undo recent pro-life victories. We can’t let that happen! Walk co-chair Eva Muntean says: “Planned Parenthood is spending $45 million dollars. Can you spend an afternoon, walking to...

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Walk Speakers Submit Amicus Brief to Supreme Court!

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A number of African American Walk for Life West Coast speakers have joined other African American pro-life leaders in submitting an Amicus (friend of the court) brief in June Medical Services LLC v.Gee. The case, brought by the abortion industry, challenges a Louisiana law that would require abortionists to “make arrangements for admitting women to nearby hospitals in cases of life-threatening complications.” This hardly seems an...

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IMPORTANT ACTION: For Parents and Families

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Here is an important message for parents and supporters of families from our friends over at the Archdiocese of San Fracisco: TIME SENSITIVE: We have just gotten word of an important piece of legislation to address some of the problems with SB 329  (the requirement for ‘comprehensive sexuality education’ in CA public schools).  As you know, as a result of SB 329, many school districts in California are now using curricula co-authored...

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