Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

Walk for Life West Coast in Times Square

Darwin Sayo’s Walk for Life photo was on the electronic billboard in Times Square! Kind of hard to make out on this webcam shot, but it must have looked great from ground level.

More Crowd Shots

Some nice shots. Double-click any image for a larger version. On January 22, a Newsweek writer asked where all the “Young, vibrant women” were in the abortion debate, and concluded “Likely, they’re at home.” Apparently, the Walk for Life leaders did not get that memo: And there’s our friend Ben giving the thumbs up: Wall-to-wall […]

More March Photos

It’s got to be the prettiest march route in the world. This is Aquatic Park. Double click image for a larger size. That’s the Balclutha above, an old whaling vessel, part of the Maritime Museum. The photo below really gives a feeling for the size of the Walk. The walkers stretch all the way behind […]

More From the March: Faces in the Crowd

A group from “40 Days For Life.” It will be starting soon! The founder, Mr. David Bereit was the recipient of the year’s “St. Gianna Molla Award” given to those who have shown special heroism in the cause of life. What a wonderful expression on this young man’s face. And on this Sister’s. As always, […]

God Bless the SFPD!

We love the officers of the San Francisco Police Department! The Walk for Life West Coast is about the only demonstration in San Francisco where the police are obeyed and treated with common civility. Notice how they are not facing the Walk for Life but our oppostion. Go here to see the stress on the […]