Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

Is there hope for CA? Walk co-chair in National Catholic Register

Excellent editorial in the National Catholic Register listing the challenges facing pro-lifers in California and other ‘blue’ states, which concludes with great quote from Walk for Life West Coast co-chair Eva Muntean: California Dreamin’: Pro-Life Efforts Offer Hope, Despite Legislative Setbacks Pro-life work requires the support of every Catholic, whether we live in blue or […]

“Some pretty significant comparisons”: Opposition to the Walk for Life West Coast

Comparing Walk for Lifers to those who oppose the Walk may seem like shooting fish in a barrel, but it is, in fact, quite instructive. Here’s an article from Regina Magazine by “Kenneth Chavez” (“pseudonym of a West Coast Clergyman”) “I have been attending the ‘Walk for Life West Coast’ for years.  Like many, I am always amazed that […]

The Wanderer covers Walk for Life West Coast

Interesting observations from Dexter Duggan, from a long article in The Wanderer. “In what amounted to strange symbolism, fierce foes of Donald Trump virtually invited the public to tread upon and thereby dirty their posters that proclaimed derision of traditional morality. Here’s how that came about. Coincidentally in 2017, the West’s largest annual pro-life march occurred immediately […]