Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025
San Francisco’s beloved Fr. Salvatore Giacomini, SDB (“Fr. Jack”) passed away last Wednesday at age 88. He had suffered a fall and never regained conciousness. Fr. Jack was as pro-life as they come, and LOVED the Walk for Life West Coast. Here he is walking the whole way 2 years ago, at age 86:

When Dolores Meehan heard about Fr. Jack’s passing she said “The Walk has a new intercessor in heaven!” That is surely true–he had something to do with the amazing break in the weather.
When Father Jack was on his journey many, many visitors came to pray for him in his hospital room, including Dolores and the Reverend Walter & Mrs. Lori Hoye, as well as other admirers from the Walk For Life.
We love you Fr. Jack, and we know you are fighting for the unborn in heaven just as you did on earth!