Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

The Walk for Life West Coast is both thrilled and honored to announce the winner of the 15th Annual St, Gianna Molla award for Pro-LIfe Heroism. This year’s winner is one of the most respected and admired people in the pro-life movement, Mrs. Chastidy Ronan.

Chastidy, the past long-time Executive Director of San Francisco’s Alpha Pregnancy Center, has had an incalculable influence on some the most vulnerable  and defenseless women in our society. Starting as a counselor in 2008, within a year Chastidy had become Alpha’s Executive Director—a position she held until health issues caused her to step down. You can’t fake love, or compassion, or sisterhood, or a twinkle in the eye–all qualities Chasitdy has in abundance, and which helped make Alpha Pregnancy Center the force life, love, and hope that it is today.

Past honorees have included the Rev. Walter Hoye, Fr. John Malloy, SDB, Ms. Georgette Forney, and Mr. David Bereit. We are proud to be able to add Chastidy to that list!

You can learn what Chastidy has been up to lately here, and Alpha Pregnancy Center can always use your help. Go here to donate!