Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

We have been blessed at the Walk for Life West Coast by the number of outstanding people who have graciously agreed to speak at our rallies. This year, one of our speakers will be Grace Dulaney, co-founder of the Agnes Dei foundation. Mrs. Dulaney was profiled this month in the National Catholic Register.

Maternity Home Helps Moms and Their Babies

Lamb of God Maternity Home helps young mothers find adoptive homes for their children.

San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers at an Agnus Dei event.
San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers at an Agnus Dei event.

Lamb of God Maternity Home in Escondido, Calif., assists young women who are choosing or discerning adoption for their babies.

“You see how these pregnant mothers feel scared, vulnerable, and they don’t know what to do; and you have that child, who is most vulnerable of all. This home will keep them both safe and find a loving mom and dad for their birth child,” says Philip Rivers, quarterback for the San Diego Chargers. Rivers and his wife, Tiffany, are board members of the nonprofit Agnus Dei Foundation, which opened the home.

“Our foundation is more than a maternity home. We want to impact the culture of life by being a champion of adoption, dispelling the fears and enigmas about it,” says Grace Dulaney. She and her husband, Kirk, are the co-founders.

The inspiration for this home came while Dulaney was on an Ignatian silent retreat two years ago. She understands the need of these women to place their babies with a “forever family,” because, 21 years ago, she made the difficult decision to choose adoptive parents for her son Dylan, with whom she has been reunited.

She even mentions the Walk in the article!

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