Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

Today KCBS Radio interviewed Walk for Life West Coast co-chair Eva Muntean about the attempted censorship of the Walk for Life West Coast ‘Abortion Hurts Women’ banners by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Eva, left, with Walk for Life West co-founder Karen McLaughlin
Eva, left, with Walk for Life West co-founder Karen McLaughlin

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors have taken aim at anti-abortion banners placed on busy Market Street. Supervisor David Campos and six other supervisors are supporting a resolution opposing the banners and questioning their legality.

The banners were put up by Walk for Life West Coast, a San Francisco based anti-abortion group that holds an annual rally in the city, scheduled for January 25th in Civic Center Plaza.

Supervisor David Campos was among the supervisors opposed to the banners. He said the group’s slogan “Abortion Hurts Women” simply isn’t true.

“Not only is abortion one of the safest medical procedures in the United States, but denied, abortion care is what hurts women,” Campos said.

Eva Muntean of Walk for Life said her group obtained a permit and met all the criteria for their banners. She also said Campos’ position is ridiculous.

“Physically and psychologically, families are hurt by abortion. I welcome them to come and to listen to these talks and just find out exactly first hand from people that have abortion, how it has hurt them,” she said.

Muntean said the resolution flies in the face of San Francisco’s reputation as a tolerant city, noting its tolerance doesn’t seem to extend to different points of view.

We certainly welcome all San Franciscans to attend the Walk for Life West Coast and to listen to post-abortive women share their stories. Decide for yourself whether what you are hearing is “hate speech.”

You can listen to Eva’s excellent comments at the KCBS page.