St. Margaret Mary Parish at the Walk for Life

Posted on Feb 6, 2011 in 2011 Photos, 2011 Walk for Life, Blog

Good Father Moreau, of the Institute of Christ the King, leads the flock fromSt. Margaret Mary in Oakland at the Walk for Life. They celebrate a beautiful Traditional Latin Mass at St. Margaret Mary. Parish young people were there. This gentleman is always at the Walk, singing, playing music, and radiating joy.We have another picture of him somewhere on the media blogbut this one is even better. God bless him! A group shot at Marina Green after...

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Sacrifice at the Walk for Life: “Their Goal was Humiliation”

Posted on Feb 3, 2011 in 2011 Walk for Life, Blog

A new and interesting take from Louisa at Catholic Phoenix on her experience at this year’s Walk for Life West Coast:“You may know the expression ‘looking evil in the face.’ I never quite understood it . . . until I had people screaming in my face. ‘Have you even read a science book before? Do you even BELIEVE in science? You believe the Bible is real? Have you ever read a book before? . . . that is why ALL...

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Posted on Feb 2, 2011 in 2011 Video, 2011 Walk for Life, Blog

St. Mary’s High School of Phoenix visits San Francisco and attends the Walk for Life.The good Marianist Brothers at Riordan High School opened their doors to them. Here’s a nice video, with lots of good footage of the city,...

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