Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

A Word of Thanks


 There are many people/groups that have made the Walk for Life the huge sucess that it is. We would like to take the time to mention just a few:

Our Volunteers: We know that Walk for Life could not have been a success without all the efforts of a core group of people who really gave their all to the cause. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Respect Life Coordinators of the State of California: Huge thanks to all of our Respect Life Coordinators from California and beyond – we could not do it without your hard work! Kudos to you all!

San Francisco Police Department: Thank you San Francisco Police for keeping all of us safe!

EWTN: Life on the Rock A very special thanks goes out to Life on the Rock for all their hard work to get the word out about Walk for Life. Fr. Francis, Fr. Mark, Br. Leonard, Br. Peter, Br. Patrick and Amalia – you all are the best! Thanks so much for your support and friendship!

Sts. Peter and Paul: Thank you Father Malloy for allowing us again to have the Pre-Walk All-Night Adoration at beautiful SS Peter & Paul and for hosting youth groups in the Parish Hall. Special thanks also goes to parish secretary Gibbons Cooney for providing security all night long!

Little Sisters of the Poor: Thank you sisters for generously hosting over 100 students at St. Anne’s Home. Your understanding when the numbers tripled was heroic.

John Herreid: Thank you John for sharing your graphic design gift with Walk for Life. The posters and now the new calendar are great! And the time it must have taken to sift through hundreds of pictures to come up with the calendar!!