Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

“The power of the spirit…comes through in an achingly beautiful way. That’s what I Iove about the Walk for Life.”

The 14th Annual Walk for Life West Coast exceeded our expectations. Again! Beautiful weather, great speakers, the Cathedral filled to overflowing, tens of thousands of pro-lifers of every race and creed sharing wisdom, youth, energy, love—there are not enough words to describe the experience.

Pro-Life hero David Daleiden, who has the entire abortion industry running for cover and who spoke at the 2016 Walk, attended this year’s Walk as a member of the crowd. He may have best captured the mood of the day in an interview with the National Catholic Register “These marches feel like victory marches now, for the first time, because we’re winning…We don’t have political power in San Francisco…All we have is the power of the spirit that comes through in an achingly beautiful way. That’s what I Iove about the Walk for Life.”

The pious and compassionate invocation was given by His Eminence Benjamin, Archbishop of San Francisco and the West of the Orthodox Church of America.  Walk speakers included Joe Scheidler, grandfather of the American Pro-Life movement; 40 Days for Life President Shawn Carney (who awarded the first ever 40 Days For Life Scholarship to Katie Seim); Hosea Initiative President Terry Beatley, who is continuing the mission of the late Dr. Bernard Nathanson of informing the American people how they have been deceived by the abortion industry;   Dr.  John Bruchalski, founder of Tepeyac Family Center in Chantilly, VA, who told the crowd “In this sanctuary city also known for bridge-building, we are all stating loudly that we want our neighbors to consider the womb a sanctuary for the unborn members of our human families”. Dr. Bruchalski also challenged young people who may be considering the vocation of medicine “I want all the young people here… as a doctor who knows that abortion hurts women—we need you. We need you to enter and return medicine back to the prolife movement. That’s a practical way you can make a difference.”

And of course the rally concluded with a spectacular speech from America’s finest orator, the Reverend Clenard Childress.  Video of all speakers can be found here.

This year, with YOUR help, we cracked the media blackout! Our co-chairs and speakers were interviewed by ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and PBS. Walk footage shot from helicopters was breathtaking. The Associated Press covered the Walk, so the article was in newspapers coast to coast and worldwide. The San Francisco Chronicle did a fair story, too!

We thank you…and can’t wait to see you again on January 26, 2019!

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