Tiny Heartbeats Thunder at January 26, 2019 Walk for Life West Coast!

In what will surely go down as the most memorable moment in the 15 year history of the Walk for Life West Coast,  seven pregnant women and their unborn children ascended the stage, put microphones to their bellies, and filled San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza with the sounds of tiny heartbeats.

Two of the pregnant mothers were also speakers at the rally: former Planned Parenthood employees Abby Johnson and Patricia Sandoval. Both women walked away from their jobs at Planned Parentood in disgust, both are now among the most effective and articulate pro-life advocates in the country.

Other speakers included Fr. Shenan Bouqet of Human Life International, who gave an overview of the present state of the pro-life movement.

The final speaker was the Reverend Walter Hoye of Oakland who gave the Rally a powerful sendoff, recounting the words that earned him a 30-day sentence in Santa Rita jail, later overturned as a violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution: “God loves you and your baby. Let us help you.”  

But great though the speakers and Walkers were, the 15th Annual Walk for Life West Coast will always be remembered for the tiny heartbeats of the babies.