Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

That’s the Marche Pour la Vie, founded in the same year as the Walk for Life West Coast! Walkers will remember that in 2011 our co-Chair Dolores Meehan spoke at the Paris Marche, and one of the Paris organizers, Paul Genoux-Defermont, came to San Francisco and spoke to us! A great example of the worldwide reach of the pro-life movement!


LifeSiteNews has the story:

Huge Crowd of 50,000 joins Paris March or Life

More than 50,000 pro-lifers from across France gathered for the annual Paris March for Life on Sunday.

Carrying signs and chanting “Protecting the weak is truly strong,” protesters called on presidential candidates to “fight abortion.”  

The annual Paris March for Life is the largest pro-life demonstration in Europe.

Pro-life Jerome Lejeune Foundation president Jean-Marie Le Mene criticized the French government for legislation that has made abortion “commonplace,” especially a currently proposed bill that would ban pro-life websites.

The demonstration comes just months before France elects a new president, with right-wing Francois Fillon, a Catholic who uses the Carter-esque “I am personally opposed but politically support abortion” line.

Pope Francis expressed his support before the Parisian march, calling for a “civilization of love and a culture of life….”