Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

We we’re going to title this post ‘Look Who’s Coming to the Walk: St. Isidore, Yuba City!’ because they are bringing two buses to the Walk for Life West Coast. But then we read this week’s very powerful pastor’s message from Fr. Avram Brown, the young pastor of St. Isidore. You should too.

This week we pray for the protection of human life.

Tomorrow, January 22nd, the United States marks  45 years since the Supreme Court legalized abortion across our country, and in the intervening years, almost 60 million children have been killed in this country.

That’s a lot of blood on our hands. Haunted by the ghosts of 60 million children not allowed to live–what a terrible reality. We are afraid today of war with a nuclear power, war with North Korea, which could send warheads into our most populous cities. If Kim Jong Un were to succeed beyond the wildest possibilities of his arsenal and kill the entire population of California, he still would not have slaughtered as many people as we have ourselves–he’d have to find 20 million more people to annihilate.

I tell you, brothers and sisters, the time is running out. These words from Saint Paul today ring eerily prescient as we recognize how much guilt we bear, and how little we have done in recompense. You will have to face each of these children before you enter into their home, the home of the Eternal Father. We do not want to arrive in their presence still unrepentant, but must act now.

This week  we will march in Washington D. C., we will walk in San Francisco, we will gather in solidarity across our country in defense of life–can you be there?

This Lent, every single day that our abortion clinic in Yuba City is open we will be standing in front praying–can you be there?

60 million children were killed in silence because they had no voice, and their voice can only be found in us–can you be there?