Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

“A Strong Family United in Christ.”

We never fail to be inspired by the effort made by out of town (and even out of state) parishes to attend the Walk for Life West Coast.

St. Peter's Youth Ministry Protests Planned Parenthood.
St. Peter’s Youth Ministry Protests Planned Parenthood.

One such parish is St. Peter’s from Dixon, California, in the Diocese of Sacramento. Every year, St. Peter’s charters a number of buses to the Walk–in2014, they had six buses and more than 300 people!  But even better than that, the whole parish gets involved. The leaders of St. Peter’s English speaking Respect Life Ministry are Robert & Evelyn Williams. For Spanish-speaking it is Mayta and Antonio Gudiño.


The work starts early. Part of the parish’s catechetical program for youth is to make the young people fully aware of Church teaching on the sacredness and sanctity of all life and how fundamental that is to everything else.  The students earn service hours for their attendance at the Walk. And the parish really helps the Walkers to make a day of it.

St. Peter's 'Dinner for Priests' Ministry.
St. Peter’s ‘Dinner for Priests’ Ministry.

Last year’s St. Peter’s bulletin announcement reads: “St. Peter parish will once again stand up for the sanctity of life. Bus seats are now available at $30 per person. Your ticket includes a pasta dinner when we return.” We love that homecoming dinner idea! What a wonderful way to build parish fellowship! (The picture at left is St. Peter’s parishioners making dinner for the priests, but we would not be surprised if these same folks made dinner for the Walkers, too!).

St. Peter’s parish motto is “AAmen to that!

Please let us know how your parish participates at the Walk for Life West Coast! Drop us a line at