Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

We absolutely love it when we learn of entire parishes coming together to attend the Walk For Life West Coast. One such is St. Joachim’s in Madera, CA, in the Diocese of Fresno.



We had a chance to speak with Karina Lomeli, the assistant Youth Minster at the parish. Karina told us that this year St. Joachim’s needs EIGHT buses to bring all the people who will be participating in the Walk! Wow! One bus is filled with St. Joachim’s Fe Esperanza Hispanic pro-life group, and the other seven are filled with the St. Joachim Confirmation class (that’s a big class, praise God!) and their families. Of course, the pastor, Fr. John Warburton, will be leading his flock!

St. Joachim starts the day in the best possible way. Walkers get to the Church at 5:45AM, for an early morning Mass, and they board the buses around 6:30 Am for the trip to San Francisco.


Thanks, Karina, Fr. John, and all the parishioners of St. Joachim for standing for the littlest among us! We look forward to seeing you on January 21!

St. Joachim, pray for us!