Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

We’d posted (see below) about the Arizona State University chapter of Students for Life, who need YOUR help to get to the January 24, 2015 Walk for Life West Coast. Yesterday, Catholic World Report published an interview with Ms. Maggie Otlewski, the group’s President:

“When San Francisco’s Walk for Life West Coast began in 2005, organizers dared to hope that someday it would attract pro-lifers from all over the western United States to witness in the most pro-abortion city in the country. Slowly, steadily, that hope is becoming a reality. Each January, pro-lifers—especially young people—make the journey from Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, as well as from the border states of Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona. When asked how she felt about so many coming so far to attend the Walk, Dolores Meehan, co- founder and co-chair of the Walk, replied, “It’s a dream fulfilled!” 

One group hoping to attend the January 24, 2015 Walk, and the accompanying Students for Life West Coast Conference on the following day, is the Arizona State University Students for Life group. But, for students, the issue is cost….”

Read the rest at CWR. And, if you can, help them out!