Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

A lot of people could learn from this. The owners of Dennis Rae Fine Art in San Francisco, the gallery whose employee chased out a group of pro-life students, have apologized and will offer a 10% discount to customers who mention they are pro-life with their purchases.

From ABC10 in Sacramento:

San Francisco art gallery offers ‘pro-life’ discount after kicking group out following Walk For Life

A group of pro-life demonstrators from Sacramento were shouted at Saturday and asked to leave the Dennis Rae Fine Art gallery in San Francisco after marching in an annual anti-abortion event.

“I am pro-choice, you are pro-death,” a woman at the gallery shouted to the group as they were asked to leave, a video posted to YouTube shows…..

The gallery has since issued an apology for any miscommunication.

“We welcome everyone,” said David Schach with the Dennis Rae Fine Art gallery at 747 Beach Street, which carries a variety of affordable art.

In addition, the gallery is offering a 10 percent discount to anyone who is pro-life, Schach said in an e-mail. All they need to do is mention “pro-life” when they visit the gallery.

In all fairness, the gallery will also provide a 10 percent discount to anyone who mentions “pro-choice” as well, Schach said in an e-mail.”

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