Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

Our friends over at Pro-Life San Francisco have put together an absolutely devastating report which documents the unrelenting war on the unborn perpetrated by San Francisco Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi—all the while ‘publicly proclaim(ing) a relationship with the Church’:

“Although Pro-Life San Francisco is nonsectarian, we have multiple Board members who are active young leaders in the SF Catholic community. They have helped draft the following letter to Archbishop Cordelione directly addressing concerns about Nanci Pelosi’s position on infanticide and her continued public affiliation with the Catholic Church. PLSF Coordinator, Robert Byrd, and I helped compile the data that accompanies the letter. We are asking every person, Catholic or not, within the SF Archdiocese to sign this letter showing total solidarity between the Catholic, Protestant, secular, and other faith and non-faith communities on this issue. We want to embolden every pro-lifer in San Francisco to boldly oppose the extreme platform perpetuated by Pelosi for the past several decades, and the Archbishop can help make that happen. Simply sign the Google document by clicking the link below the image. Please share this with anyone you think might sign! We are looking to deliver this letter to the Archbishop ASAP.”

You can read Pro-Life’s Letter and Report to Archbishop Cordileone here.

Urge the Archbishop to act! You can e-sign the letter here.

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