Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

God bless the good bishop of Sacramento! Here he is at the 2009 Walk for Life:

From today’s California Catholic Daily:

“Lead the people of your parish”
Sacramento bishop calls on pastors to join in unified pro-life efforts across the diocese

Sacramento Bishop Jaime Soto has launched a new parish-based initiative, calling on pastors to hold at least four pro-life activities per year.

‘I invite you to lead the people of your parish in a renewed commitment to build a Culture of Life,’ wrote Bishop Soto in a Jan. 10 letter to pastors across the diocese.

‘To assist pastors and parishes in more effectively pursuing this goal, I propose a simple, unified diocesan plan for implementation of the USCCB’s Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities,’ said the bishop’s letter. ‘This plan consists of FOUR ANNUAL ACTIVITIES which, combined, ensure a comprehensive approach.’

The letter concludes, ‘May God the Father awaken a reverence for the work of His hands and inspire among the faithful a readiness to protect, nurture, and sustain the lives of the most vulnerable among us. May the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary encourage us in the good work of her Son, Jesus. Respectfully, + Jaime Soto, Bishop of Sacramento.’

An outline of Bishop Soto’s plan is posted on the diocesan website under his letter. ‘Bishop Jaime Soto asks us to commit annually to FOUR ACTIVITIES – one per season,’ says the outline. ‘Each concentrates on one of the four major areas of focus identified by the U.S. Bishops, ensuring a balanced, comprehensive, approach. In simplifying our goals, we define what is doable.’

For the Fall, the plan calls for ‘PUBLIC INFORMATION and EDUCATION – Conduct a Respect Life Sunday in October in your parish OR support either 40 Days for Life or Helpers of God’s Precious Infants in your area.’

For the Winter, the plan calls for ‘PRAYER and WORSHIP – Celebrate a Mass of Reparation on the Anniversary of the Roe v. Wade… OR send a group to the Walk for Life….’”

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