Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

Anglicans for Life to Host Second Annual Symposium Before Walk!

We are blessed to once again be joined by our brothers and sisters from Anglicans for Life! What’s more, they will be once again hosting their Life Symposium on the Friday before the Walk. From their event page: “Our second annual Life Symposium is Friday, January 25th, the day before the San Francisco Walk for […]

More Complete 10th Anniversary Past Speakers Picture

We’d promised to post a more comprehensive photo of our past speakers who graciously joined us at the 10th Annual Walk for Life West Coast and here it is. Wow! God bless them! Top row, left to right: David Bereit, 40 Days For Life  (2010);  Fr. Frank Pavone,  Priests for Life  (2007);  Dr. Vansen Wong, […]

10th Anniversary Past Speakers Picture!

This year’s 10th Anniversary Walk for Life West Coast gave us the opportunity to thank those who have stood with us in past years in defense of the littlest among us. We invited all past Walk speakers to join us. Not all could do so, of course–these folks have very busy schedules! But 19 past […]

Archbishop Cordileone’s Walk for Life West Coast homily

This week’s Catholic San Francisco has the transcript of the great homily given by San Francisco’s Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone at Mass before the Walk for Life West Coast. Our good shepherd, joined by 17 concelebrating bishops, and a St. Mary’s Cathedral packed to overflowing with the faithful, hit it out of the ballpark. His Excellency’s […]

Transcript of Monica Snyder’s Walk Speech

Here’s the transcript of Secular Pro-Life’s Monica Snyder’s speech at the Walk for Life West Coast. “Most years we write a blog post filled with photos examining the religious nature of the Walk for Life West Coast, and the anti-religious nature of its counter-protesters.  However, this year we had the honor of speaking at the […]