Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

God Bless ’em! Great article on Tulsa Youth at Walk for Life West Coast

One of the nicest things at the Walk for Life West Coast is the participation of our wonderful young people! This year we had a group all the way from the Diocese of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here’s a very comprehensive article by Alex Merrifield, about the Walk, that appeared in 4E Voices, the online publication of the Bartlesville […]

The Wanderer Covers the Walk, Part II

Here is a second article from The Wanderer, the nation’s oldest Catholic newspaper, on the Walk for Life West Coast. Excerpt: Prelate Notes Unworthy Communions: San Francisco Pro-Life Rally Urged to Continue Fight   As an African pro-life leader saluted U.S. pro-lifers and urged them to continue their fight for babies and moms around the […]

Catholic News Service Covers Walk for Life West Coast!

Great article by Valerie Schmalz, assistant editor of Catholic San Francisco, in Catholic News Service! It’s her same CSF article, but with CNS it gets nationwide distribution. Thanks, Val! Click the link above, and a PDF of the article will open.    

Walk for Life Media Team Member Darwin Sayo’s Photos!

Nice! They’ve also posted some of Darwin’s work on the National Catholic Register’s homepage. In case it get’s moved, the slideshow title is ‘March For Life ’16: A Blizzard of Pro-Life Fidelity Covers US!’ Here are some of Darwin’s great shots. If you use, please credit: Darwin Sayo, Walk for Life West Coast. Happy pro-lifers […]