Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

YOUR Videos! Chief BigFaith, Nuance Bro, & TAC Meets WCC!

Three interesting and different videos! ChiefBigFaith comes most years:   Nuance Bro asks questions (video may begin with an ad): This is wonderful! Two great Catholic Colleges, Thomas Aquinas and Wyoming Catholic greet one another at the end of the Walk for Life West Coast: #babiessavingbabies #walkforlifewc #WalkForLife #WFLWC    

Can you see YOUR Sign? Great Walk Video!

This video, by Lunaguana shows the diversity of the pro-life movement and the Walk for Life West Coast–all united in the defense of the littlest among us:       #babiessavingbabies #walkforlifewc #WalkForLife #WFLWC  

Wow: Check out Civic Center Plaza!!

This video, by One Voice, covers mostly the beginning of the Walk for Life West Coast–check out the opening panorama of Civic Center Plaza and how full it is!   Did YOU take video?? Let us know! #babiessavingbabies #walkforlifewc #WalkForLife #WFLWC