Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

40 Days Scholarship is Back!

Hey, young pro-lifers! Here’s your chance to win a $4,040 scholarship, and get a free trip to the Walk for Life West Coast at the same time! The good people at 40 Days for Life are once again offering a $4,040 scholarship! Full-time graduate or undergraduate students who are involved in the pro-life movement are […]

Way to Go, Pennsylvania!

On September 27, our brothers and sisters stood for the littlest among us in Harrisburg, PA at the First Annual Pennsylvania March for Life! From Aleteia: The day began with the Celebration of Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral by Bishop Ronald Gainer. It was followed by a rally on the steps of the state capitol […]

Remember: Thank the SFPD!

Once again our great San Francisco Police Department kept the Walk for Life West Coast safe and sound! Walkers, thank them! They take so much abuse for simply trying to maintain order and safety in our city, so please let them know how much YOU appreciate them. Here’s a letter you can send, with Chief […]

VietCatholic Covers the Walk!

Our Vietnamese-American brothers and sisters always stand with us at the Walk for Life West Coast! God bless them! Here’s the story in VietCatholic News: “SAN FRANCISCO, ngày 23 tháng Giêng, 2021: Bất chấp các lo ngại về cả đại dịch COVID lẫn bất ổn chính trị, những người phò sự sống ở San Francisco […]

Great Video, Great Line!

Here’s a wonderful joyful video by Curiously Kristina from the Walk, which includes one of our favorite lines. She saw the 5 Fulton bus go by on the other side of Market Street and said “Oooh, Fulton, look at that!…the Venerable Fulton Sheen, pray for us! Check it out: