Days until we Walk for Life on January 20, 2024

为生命奔走5万人旧金山反堕胎游行 #walkforlifewc

Walk for Life West Coast on NTDTV! Nice story and video from New Tang Dynasty TV! Our Asian-American pro-lifers, including old friend of the Walk Frank Lee, are interviewed. Article begins (English translation available): 【新唐人2018年01月30日讯】刚过去的周末(1月27日),5万多名来自加州各地的民众,聚集到旧金山 ,举行第14届〝 为生命奔走 〞(Walk for Life)集会游行活动,呼吁人们尊重生命,反对堕胎    

#walkforlifewc IS America!

Check out the simple, great video below by a lady named Elena Cladianos. She’s standing towards the end of Walk for Life West Coast, just videotaping as they go by. This is real diversity, this is real unity, this is the real AMERICA! Thanks Elena–and if YOU have video, let us know! We want to […]

Asian American Pro-Life Leaders at the #walkforlifewc

We have LOTS of Asian American pro lifers at the Walk for Life West Coast every year, but we want to give a shout out to our old friend, and longtime Walk ally, Mr. Frank Lee! Frank gave the invocation at the 2010 Walk, and has been a tireless fighter for good behavior in the […]

Look Who’s Coming to the Walk: Holy Korean Martyrs Catholic Church, San Jose, CA!

Walk for Life West Coast 2018 생명존중과 낙태반대를 위하여 미국 서부 해안 지역의 모든 교구의 본당 및 단체들이 참가하는 시위 및 가두행진 행사 Bless them! The good people from Holy Korean Martyrs will be brining a bus for the little ones! Korea has actually one of the fastest growing Catholic populations in the world…despite everything, […]

Chinese-American Leaders at Walk for Life West Coast!

Thanks to our Chinese-American pro-life leaders! Left to right: Rev. Franco Kwan, Chairman of San Francisco Chinese Christian Union, San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, Frank Lee of Asian Americans Pro-Life, and Rev. Sidney Mah. Blessings to our fathers in faith!