Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

Walk Face Painting and Tattoos!

And who better than the Sisters of Life! One of the fun new things at the Walk this year was facepainting for the kids and tattoos for kids and adults. We needed more volunteers for facepainting and who came through? The Sisters of Life, of course!        

More from Debra: Religious at the Walk for Life West Coast!

More great shots from Debra Greenblat with Catholic San Francisco. Great shots of our Fathers and Mothers, Brothers and Sisters in faith! Fr. John De La Riva, Rector of the National Shrine of St. Francis in San Francisco, with fellow Franciscans and friends. Our patron was certainly happy with his namesake city on Saturday!   […]

Look Who’s Coming! St. Mary’s High School, Phoenix!

The Knights from St. Mary’s High School in Phoenix, AZ are back! They come most year’s now, and we are proud to welcome them. Here they are la few years at Saints Peter and Paul Church the Friday before the Walk for Life West Coast–and they bring their Clergy along! Way to go! #walkforlifewc […]