Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

Wonderful news! The Catholic News Agency reports that Wyoming Catholic College, inspired by the Walk, will start a crisis pregnancy center!




Walk inspires Wyoming students’ outreach to at-risk women

San Francisco’s recent Walk for Life and Students for Life events inspired Wyoming Catholic College students to start an outreach to women in crisis pregnancies from nearby indigenous communities.

“We went to the Students for Life Conference, and they were talking about how to battle pro-choice people on your campus, which we don’t have to deal with,” Jordan Dunnaway, a senior at the liberal arts college in Lander, Wyo., told CNA.

“Since we don’t have pro-choice people, we’ll be working mainly with the local Indian reservation – it’s about 20 miles outside of our school town – and it’s extremely impoverished…so that will be our main mission, working with the women out on the reservation there.”

As the Wyoming Catholic College students traveled on a charter bus back to Lander from San Francisco following the first ever Students for Life of America West Coast Conference on Jan. 26, they held a meeting to found their campus’ chapter during which officers were elected.

Dunnaway, who was chosen as inaugural president of the group, said that her campus is “100 percent pro-life,” which calls for the students to look beyond ministry within their walls and out to nearby communities that contend with crisis pregnancies among other challenges.

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