Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

marin_catholicThis is wonderful! With an assist from our good Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, it looks like we are seeing a significant increase in the participation by our Catholic High Schools at the Walk.

This year the Walk for Life West Coast made a formal effort to reach out to Catholic High Schools and invite them to participate in the Walk. The effort was led by Walk volunteer Kathleen Bruno, and it looks like a major success.

From the Archdiocese of San Francisco groups from Immaculate Conception, Riordan, St. Ignatius, Serra, and Marin Catholic High Schools will be there. From the Diocese of San Jose:  Bellarmine, Cristo Rey, and Saint Lawrence Academy are coming. From the Diocese of Oakland we have Carondolet, St. Joseph Notre Dame, and De La Salle High Schools. Not only that, Brophy College Prep, all the way from Phoenix, Arizona will be with us!


Katie told us:  “This is the first year that we have formally reached out to the bay area high schools and administrators to invite the students to attend, and in fact lead the 12th Annual Walk For Life. Both the Archdiocese of San Francisco and the Diocese of San Jose have been very supportive. In San Francisco, Pam Lyons, the Assistant Superintendant of Archdiocesan High Schools sent out this note inviting participation: ‘Participating schools will be walking together, with their schools, at the front of the Walk and we encourage you to bring your School Banners​. What began as a grassroots movement twelve years ago by a small group of San Franciscans, is now the 2nd largest Pro-Life event in the country after the March For Life in Washington DC. The Walk For Life is a joy-filled day of witness, solidarity and prayer as we come together to celebrate and honor the value and dignity of every human life especially the lives of the unborn.’”

st_marys_HSKatie continued: “I have also been engaging with both Principals and Heads of Campus Ministries at the bay area Catholic High Schools and most of them are enthusiastically supporting the opportunity to bring the students from many different schools together in solidarity for this most important cause. The students will be walking together with their school administrators and/or chaperons leading the Walk and holding the big banners. It is an awesome day of giving Glory to God, and celebrating and standing up for the sanctity of life, especially live of the unborn.”

Thanks, Katie, for all your hard work, and we look forward to seeing our high schoolers in the front ranks of the Walk!