Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

Last year, we commented that “The Walk for Life West Coast does not have a payroll, but if it did the San Francisco Board of Supervisors ought to be on it.” That’s because their pointless attempt to silence our message garnered us free nationwide publicity.

From time to time we receive emails from people who disagree with the Walk. This came in yesterday:

“Abortion is part of a ‘all knowing’ gods plan to help the overpopulation problem. Everyday 30,000 REAL kids die from hunger and dirty water. America’s water consumption is unsustainable with today’s population.”

nigeria_wellIgnoring the theological error in the first sentence, and the two following non sequiturs, it so happens that our co-founder and co-chair Dolores Meehan just returned from a medical mission in Nigeria, for which much of the funding came via donations from members of the Walk for Life West Coast organizing committee. While there, they also dug a well so that the village will have fresh drinking water.

You can see one of the little villagers at left.

Bless his heart!

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