Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

Check out these reflections from Anne Carmichael, vice-president of the Vitae Foundation.  The post is called “Diary of a pro-life activist.” She visited both the March for Life and the Walk for Life West Coast this year, and has interesting information to share about both events and about their related rallies, conferences, etc.

Here’s what she said about the Walk, but be sure to read her whole post, which describes other things she did while in the City.

“The crowd was larger than I had imagined.  The sights and sounds were overwhelming.  I couldn’t believe I was in San Francisco walking in a pro-life march.  Not the place you’d expect it.  Then when I stopped to get a picture of the banner making a turn on the very wide Market St. and hearing this group of musicians that were playing and singing as they passed with several instruments, I teared up.”



“I’m not sure what came over me.  But seeing the size of the crowd and then our banner coming around the corner just stirred my soul. I was so proud of my team, of Pat, Rob, and others including Sara Beaner, who made the awesome banner, the marchers who were praying and singing…standing up  for life in one of the more hostile places in the country and so many, many pro-life people.  I still am not sure what it is about this Walk for Life, but I really felt deep in my soul that we were blessed to be a part of something so profoundly huge.”

What a wonderful experience!