Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

Here is an important message for parents and supporters of families from our friends over at the Archdiocese of San Fracisco:

TIME SENSITIVE: We have just gotten word of an important piece of legislation to address some of the problems with SB 329  (the requirement for ‘comprehensive sexuality education’ in CA public schools). 

As you know, as a result of SB 329, many school districts in California are now using curricula co-authored by Planned Parenthood, which encourage a variety of unhealthy and immoral behaviors.  A coalition has drafted a bill  – SB 673  –   to combat this, and protect the wellbeing of our children and your parental rights.  

 On Jan. 15 the State Senate Education Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing on SB 673. (details below.)  Please email, mail (sample letter here), or call your local representative (a list of Education Committee members is attached) to show your support for this bill, and encourage others you know to participate in showing support.   

In support of parental rights, SB 673 would enact three amendments in the California Healthy Youth Act. First of all, under the bill it would be made clear that any sexual health education of elementary age (TK- 6th grade) student WILL BE age appropriate. Secondly, parents would be able to review, through a school district website, all materials used in sexual health education well in advance of actual instruction. Finally, given the social emotional and developmental nature of elementary age students, SB 673 would respect parents’ rights by requiring active consent (Opt –In) for comprehensive sexual health education and HIV prevention education of young children in Grade TK-6. 

 Any questions please contact Archdiocese of San Francisco respect life coordinator at

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