Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

Look who’s coming to the Walk for Life West Coast (and not for the first time)!

Once again, our brothers and sisters from St. Anne’s in Lodi are coming on a mission to stand for the littlest among us on the streets of San Francisco! From their ‘Respect Life” page:

“The mission of the St. Anne’s Church Respect Life Ministry is to work for the enhancement of human dignity at every stage of life. We seek to work together with all people as advocates for life.

History: This ministry that began 2 years ago, is all about promoting awareness of life issues to all parishioners and promoting the annual West Coast Walk For Life, promoting all information from the Diocesan Respect Life office and especially prayers and devotions to intercede for spiritual guidance and blessings.”

The photo is from 2010, and shows the installation of St. Anne’s youthful pastor, Fr. Brandon Ware.

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