Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

Bless their hearts! The Respect Life Ministry of St. Rose of Lima Church in Paso Robles, CA have chartered a bus for the 200-mile journey to San Francisco for the Walk for Life West Coast, to stand for the least among us. Here’s a picture of some Rose of Lima folks at the 2017 Walk:

And just saw on their website: they have Perpetual Adoration! Have you noticed how many parishes coming to the Walk have Adoration?

We spoke with Mary Baxstresser, one of the parish organizers:

“We are multi-generational: kids, teenagers, grandparents, age 8 on up. Our pastor Fr. Rodolfo Contreras will be leading us. It is his first time to ever attend the Walk, and he is very excited.

We have a 52-seat bus coming, plus a number of our parishioners will be driving up.”

Thanks, Mary! We look forward to seeing you!

And here is the prayer from their Respect Life page:

“Heavenly Father, Spare our nation from the scourge of abortion.  Protect the lives of children in the womb.  Give hope and strength to their mothers.  Stir love in the hearts of fathers to support and charish mother and child. Cause our elected leaders and the courts to recognise and protect the personhood of unborn children.  Lift up church leaders to proclaim a Culture of Life.  Lead parents who had abortions to repentance and healing.  Bring about the conversion of the abortionist, of those who deny the birthright of children and those who are indifferent.  Grant me the courage and energy to be a Defender of Life.  I ask this through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Amen.”