Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

Carondelet is an all girls Catholic School and De La Salle is all boys–both in Concord, CA. They come together at the Walk for Life West Coast! Here they are last year:

From the De La Salle website: “Join the CHS (Carondelet) and DLS Human Life Club for the Walk for Life – West Coast in San Francisco this Saturday Jan. 27th from 11:45-4PM. Join thousands of men and women and send a vocal and visual message that you stand for life. We will be riding BART together as a group. Permission slips are in the Campus Ministry Office.”

De La Salle’s not just a 7-time National Champ High School Football team with a record 151-game winning streak! They are also, as their motto says “Les Hommes De Foi” (Men Of Faith).

Carondelet describes the relationship: “In September 1969 Carondelet also established a cooperative program with De La Salle High School whereby juniors and seniors attend selected classes on either campus. This cooperation also extends to a common calendar and schedule, joint faculty committees, student activities, and a sharing of facilities. Our collaboration offers a unique approach that combines the extraordinary benefits of a single sex educational environment in the initial high school years with co-ed opportunities in the upper grades. In addition, our students develop a deep bond with each other, and this “sisterhood” continues well beyond their four years of high school.Their motto is “Called to be Light, Sent Forth to Shine.”

Bless these great young people standing up for Life!!!