Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025
Sr. Teresita taking her Vows, 2018

Many Contemplative Orders around the country are praying for the Walk for Life West Coast. It is a power greater than that of Presidents or Kings. Walkers, let’s always remember who has our back!

One such are the Carmelites of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in Kensington, CA. You can visit their website and learn more about them here. From the site:

“The purpose, then of the Carmelite vocation, in a sublime and mysterious way, is nothing less than to be a co-redeemer with Christ, to save souls with Him. She offers her whole life as an immolation united to Our Lord’s sacrifice on the Cross, and by mingling her tiny actions with the infinite merits of His Passion, she draw down His redeeming grace on those for whom she prays…. all His children who live under His constant and loving gaze: priests, missionaries, families, the poor and the sick, those who as for her prayers and those who know not how to ask, so many whom, she will never meet until heaven.

Although separated from the world by high walls and double grilles, it is precisely an immense love for that same world that has impelled the Carmelite to leave all things so that in solitude she might pray and offer her life with great love to win salvation for souls, desiring that all her brothers and sisters might come to know and love that God of Love Who has so captivated her own heart.”

Sisters, words can’t tell how much your prayers mean to us.

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