Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025
Polls show a large majority of American are pro-life. The Walk for Life West Coast is America.
Pictures don’t lie.

Estimates are as high as 40,000 in attendance.

Great signs. That’s Nyna, below. She’s from India, and is making a film about India’ missing girls, killed by abortion and infanticide. It’s called “Petals in the Dust.” You can learn about it and watch a trailer here.

More great signs.

Goths for Life. God Bless her! And she’s right: Johnny was surely with us in spirit.

People from everywhere…

Young couples.

And young people everywhere!

When we posted this photo we did not know these guys were Prefekt & Wut Metaphysical from the band “Shadow of the Locust.” We just thought they were two interesting looking pro-lifers.

Well, turns out they have released what is so far the best video of the Walk for Life 2010. It’s their song “Inheritance” and we have posted it here.

God Bless them!


Plenty of pro-life veterans, too:

College students: USF

UC Irvine

Ohio State (well, maybe not 😉

More great photos soon!

All photos this post courtesy James & Maureen McKenzie
of the Walk for Life West Coast Media Team.

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