Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025
A group from “40 Days For Life.” It will be starting soon!
The founder, Mr. David Bereit was the recipient of the year’s “St. Gianna Molla Award” given to those who have shown special heroism in the cause of life.

What a wonderful expression on this young man’s face.

And on this Sister’s.

As always, the religious were out in force.

Plenty of Dominicans, including our friend Fr. Anselm, below at left.

And other denominations and religions as well.

A blind man walks for life.

And families and kids everywhere. This young man was carrying the banner of Our Lady of Guadalupe last year, too. Someone said how wonderful it will be to watch these young people year by year, as they grow up at the Walk.

More soon!
All photos this post courtesy of James & Maureen McKenzie of the Walk for Life Media Team.