Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025
It’s got to be the prettiest march route in the world. This is Aquatic Park.
Double click image for a larger size.

That’s the Balclutha above, an old whaling vessel, part of the Maritime Museum.

The photo below really gives a feeling for the size of the Walk. The walkers stretch all the way behind the building on the right in a big loop to where you see them coming off Jefferson street–and there are thousands of pro-lifers behind them. Photo courtesy Ray Dinkha.

Heading into Fort Mason.

Dolores Meehan and part of the Walk for Life Media Team

That’s our dear Bishop Emeritus Ignatius Wang, escorted by the good Knights of Columbus.
Bishop Wang has been in the trenches with us since day one.

These Sisters must be fans of the pro-life hero Reverend Walter Hoye (and who isn’t?)
They’re wearing his trademark cap!

Taking a rest at the end of the Walk.

A lovely family.

And another. God Bless them!

Unless otherwise specified, photos this post courtesy James & Maureen McKenzie
of the Walk for Life West Coast Media Team.