Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

On Wednesday, January 20, Rose Trabbic, the superstar director of media relations for the Walk for Life West Coast sent out a press release urging local media to inform San Franciscans about the inevitable traffic difficulties that will accompany having 50,000+ people marching down the city’s Market Street on Saturday, January 23.

Rose gets results! Today, the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle had an article by their transportation reporter Michael Cabantuan, documenting traffic headaches starting Saturday, January 23 (hmm…what happens on that date?) and continuing through the Super Bowl.

Mr. Cabantuan managed to write a 1,043 word article on San Francisco traffic problems beginning on Saturday January 23 without mentioning the Walk for Life West Coast, taking place on…Saturday, January 23.

C’mon now, who could expect a traffic reporter to possibly be aware of this?


Bless his little heart!

Despite the fact (actually because of the fact) that the Chronicle did not mention the Walk, we most certainly credit Rose’s PR for Cabantuan’s article, and will graciously accept the thanks of our fellow citizens for keeping them informed.