Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

As we prepare for the 10th Annual Walk for Life West Coast on January 25, 2014, we are heartened by our pro-life brothers and sisters all over the world. Get this, from Aleteia:

Slovakia Stuns Europe With Colossal March For Life
The official MC and a Member of European Parliament speak to Aleteia about the unforgettable occasion

Košice town, Slovakia, stunned Europe on Sunday with the sheer magnitude and beauty of its first-ever National March For Life. 

On the same weekend as the Gay Pride March in Bratislava, which gathered around 1,000 participants, over 80,000 people came together in Košice to give a big “thumbs up” to the dignity of life.

The event was a spectacular success; streets were filled to the brim with joyous folks from all walks of life. There was music, prayer, prominent people offering talks and testimonies on stage and most of all there was one untied voice singing out for the world to hear: “Yes to life!”

God Bless them–and make sure you join us: January 25, 2014! Here’s some video from the Slovakian march.