Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

From Fox News:

Credit: Walk for Life West Coast/Michelle Cardenas.

“An abortion is forced upon a college student against her will.

Miraculously or unfortunately, depending upon what side of the abortion debate you are on, the abortion fails to scald the baby to death over the course of multiple days and she’s delivered alive.

After the baby is delivered, demands are made to leave her to die. Nursing staff defy this order and she is whisked off to the nursery in the hopes that if other people know that the baby was born alive, she would have medical care provided to her and not simply be left to die.

With the aid of medical care, love, and a healthy dose of a miracle, the little girl defies the odds and not only survives, but goes on to thrive, lasting no long-term health .consequences of the abortion attempt or being born at approximately 31 weeks….

All of this sounds like the storyline of a movie, doesn’t it? It’s like the sequel to “October Baby,” or a Lifetime movie.

Except it’s no movie, it’s real life. It’s the story of my life.”

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