Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

We were so blessed to have Mr. Daleiden as one of our keytnote speakers last year!

Steve Ertelt over at LifeNews has the story:

Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Vendor StemExpress Drops Lawsuit Against David Daleiden

In a huge victory for the pro-life advocate responsible for uncovering the grisly business of selling body parts of aborted babies, StemExpress has dropped its lawsuit against David Daleiden.

David Daleiden. Credit: Darwin Sayo, Walk for Life West Coast Media Team
David Daleiden. Credit: Darwin Sayo, Walk for Life West Coast Media Team

Daleiden was responsible for the undercover videos exposing the Planned Parenthood abortion business and the abortion industry selling the body parts of aborted unborn children. StemExpress was a middleman that would take the body parts from Planned Parenthood and sell them at a much higher cost to scientists and researchers conducting dubious research with them.

After it was exposed, StemExpress filed a lawsuit against the light and attempting to cover up additional video footage and information related to the sales of the body parts.

Today, StemExpress is dropping its lawsuit against The Center for Medical Progress and walking away with nothing.

 “StemExpress was the first of Planned Parenthood’s accomplices to file a retaliatory lawsuit against citizen journalists and the first to seek an unconstitutional prior restraint on our First Amendment rights to speak and publish,” notes CMP Project Lead David Daleiden. “Now, the video is out for all the world to see, StemExpress faces criminal referral in multiple jurisdictions, and they are walking away from their own lawsuit empty-handed….”

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