Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

San Jose State University’s Students for Life (named SFLA’s group of the month for September 2017!) were with us at the Walk for Life West Coast! Valley Catholic, the newspaper of the Diocese of San Jose, has the story:

A First-Timer at the Walk for Life West Coast
By Laura Feldman

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, stretched, and popped out of bed. What would today be like, I wondered? Today would be my first time to walk the West Coast Walk for Life.

The sun was barely up when our San Jose State University student club, Spartans for Life, gathered on January 27. As we piled into a van for the drive to San Francisco, the excitement was tangible. We were on a mission to share the beautiful message that all human life is precious and worth saving….

As we gathered with other students and pro-life leaders at the front of the crowd, I was struck by how joyful everyone was. It was clear by the smile on everyone’s faces and the signs that read “Smile, your mom CHOSE LIFE,” that we were spreading a message of love and hope. As we walked, we were led in song by a student from Thomas Aquinas College. When met by a group of protesters, we responded with singing and praying the rosary.

The Pro-Life movement is a cause that affects everyone. I looked throughout the crowd of people and saw every color and every age represented ranging from babies in strollers to the elderly. Most surprising and encouraging to me was the staggering number of young adults that mobilized for this event. It shows that we understand that abortion affects our peers the most – and it proves that we are the Pro-Life Generation.”

Amen! Read the whole thing.