Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

These are by Paul Ryan, another superstar Walk For Life Media Team photographer. Paul got some very nice shots of some of our speakers. Please credit Paul Ryan.

Here is Dr. Vansen Wong, who asked the crowd to “If you have taken the life of another human being, raise your hand.” Dr. Wong’s searing testimony of performing over a hundred abortions, and of his change of heart and mind, ended with the words “Abortion is intolerable, abortion is irrational and abortion has no place in civilized society.”

Jacquie Stalnaker. Jacquie shared her heart-rending and terrifying story of being forced into an abortion at gunpoint, and what it did to her. Jacquie is flanked by Fr. Frank Pavone, and Gorgette Forney of Silent No More Awareness campaign. Jacquie is now a national coordinator for Silent No More.

Jacquie and Georgette, women who have shared similar experiences. Both now work to help other women in similar situations.

The great Reverend Clenard Childress send us on our way as only he can:

“You are the candle…you are the light…you are the salt of the earth. This is more than a pro-life movement. This is a holy spirit movement because the spirit addresses evil.”

More of Paul’s work can be seen on the Flick Pro-Life Photography page.