Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

Nice reflections on the Walk for Life West Coast from a guy named Joseph Michael at the RedState blog:


Confessions of a Protester


This past Saturday, many from my small mountain town of Sonora, trekked to San Francisco for the ‘Respect Life March.’After attending for a few years myself, I noticed something interesting, not only have the marchers increased by the tens of thousands, but those in opposition, the pro-choice people have decreased.


Some of the pro-choice ladies were visible standing next to the stage clad only in a pair of pants, which left many of us wondering if they left home topless? The speakers included David Daleiden who was responsible for filming the undercover confessions of baby parts harvesting provider and an eloquent woman from Africa.  She passionately stated that “Africa did not need to shed the blood of the innocence in order to become a developed nation. That she loved America but we could take our Planned Parenthood back.”


At that point the topless ladies protesting the speakers let out very loud screams and were promptly hand-cuffed and taken away.


Why am I writing this?  Because I did want to give a shout out to my fellow small town Sierra Nevada Protestors, none of us came even close to this kind of behavior, in fact many from our group could be seen actually thanking, enjoying a laugh and shaking the hands of the San Francisco police officers that lined the streets.    John 13:35 Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” The pro-life movement is for those lost souls who don’t get it.  Anytime I see or hear someone coming unhinged and shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic I shake my head and look up to the heavens for those poor souls that don’t get it either. The pro-life movement is actually the pro-respect movement, respecting life from birth till death and beyond that, yes, even on the freeway, in the office, on the playground and in the grocery store.  Being polite and sharing your talents with those in the world that would most benefit from you, the gift of you.


As tens of thousands of us marched, you would think there would be chaos, but quite the contrary, there was order and caring, people looking out for the smallest of walkers, the strollers, the old people, the disabled people, the tired people. We were all demonstrating John 13:35, by the thousands! And that is precisely why I think the protestors against the pro-life movement have dissipated, they have seen with their own eyes, this mass of love marching down the street and it has changed their hearts.  Next year I encourage you to grab a friend and go, it will not only transform them, but you as well.

We LOVE Joseph Michael’s observations about how Walkers treat our great SFPD–and how the SFPD treats us. Check out this great shot of an officer driving under our balloon arch at the end of the Walk. That’s Walk co-chair Dolores Meehan applauding on the upper left, and our own Katie Bruno holding the balloon arch on the right. It was Katie who was our point woman this year in getting even more participation from our Catholic High Schools.

Credit: Darwin Sayo, Walk for Life West Coast
Credit: Darwin Sayo, Walk for Life West Coast

If you’d like to thank our good SFPD (and we wish you would) you can download a suggested “thank you” letter here.