Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

Walk Mom Tjana speaks with Epoch Times! And look at Aurelius! Excerpt:

Tjana Barrios-Chandler, another mother at the Walk for Life, considered the option of abortion 10 years ago. “I had an unplanned pregnancy in the past, and [abortion] was something that was presented to me at the time as an option,” she said.

“Upholding the dignity of my child’s life was always very, very important to me, even though I was an unwed young mother, even though I didn’t have an education, even though I lived a long ways from family and didn’t have family support at the time. … I knew the minute I heard my daughter’s heartbeat that it was never an option for me,” she said.

“I can honestly say that choosing life for my daughter was the biggest blessing, and it definitely paved the way for me having this wonderful child that we have here now,” she said. She was holding her baby, Aurelius Chandler, whose heartbeat she had broadcast to last year’s Walk for Life while he was in the womb. Barrios-Chandler met her husband five years after her daughter was born.

Read the whole thing. Photo Credit: David Lam/Epoch Times.

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