Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

girl_marching2How great are our young people?  Wednesday’s California Catholic Daily has an article about a youth group attending the Walk for Life West Coast:

Youth Group comes to Walk for Life From New Mexico

Hosted by San Francisco’s St. Peter and Paul

Brenda Sais, the Family Life coordinator and a youth minister from San Clemente Church in Los Lunas, New Mexico, speaks about her group coming to San Francisco.

Tell us about the San Clemente Youth Ministry.
The youth ministry is at San Clemente Catholic Church in Los Lunas, New Mexico. San Clemente has approximately 2000 families and is located 30 miles south of Albuquerque. I first became involved with youth ministry when my two younger children were involved with Life Teen at the parish.

San Francisco is not exactly around the corner from New Mexico. How do you get here?
We fly from Albuquerque to Oakland, then we take BART from the Oakland airport and a San Francisco bus to our host church, Saints Peter and Paul. The teens feel it is vital to make a stand and be the voice for their littlest brothers and sisters in the womb on a larger scale. Our community and our teens are extremely pro-life.

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