Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

On Saturday, January 21st, 2017, tens of thousands of people who believe in the dignity of every human life will rally and walk together in San Francisco. Will you be one of them?

Here are three reasons why you should participate in the 11th annual Walk for Life West Coast:

1. You’ll be able to meet thousands of people who are fighting the good fight with you.

Come to the Info Faire and you’ll learn more about local and national organizations who are working to end abortion and uphold the dignity of every human life. With all the different ways we work to defend life, we don’t see each other’s work everyday. So seize the opportunity to discover what’s out there and form new connections.

2. Walking as one of tens of thousands of people shows our peers that we’re not going away.

Mainstream media may be showing a continued hostility toward people who are pro-life. But the Institute for Pro-Life Advancement recently released a study showing that the pro-life movement is gaining momentum among millennials. There’s been an incredible increase in Walk for Life attendance with 7,000+ in 2005, and over 50,000 last year. Let’s keep the momentum going.

3. It’s an opportunity to be inspired and renew our commitment to the cause.

Sometimes we lose hope or forget that real people’s lives are at stake in this movement. But when we come together every year, we remember why we keep fighting for everyone’s right to life. There is power in numbers, and with tens of thousands of people getting ready to come together, we’re reminded that together we can end abortion in our lifetimes.

Watch and share our 2017 video below so that more and more people will be inspired to join us!